Updated 1/2/2010 with NEW TOURMALINES!

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MIN#Tourmaline-2 NEW!

A stunning specimen of multi-colored Tourmaline crystals rising some 11.3 cm above a Lepidolite
covered base! The crystal surfaces are literally flawless with a glassy vibrance I rarely see in
Tourmaline specimens. Both crystals are perfectly terminated with emerald-green tips that evolve
into a bluish-green coloration which then changes over to a lighter green near the bottom. The lower
portion of the actually becomes "watermelon" in that the interior is red while the exterior is green.

The pinkish Lepidolite crystals are the perfect accent to this amazing, UNREPAIRED Tourmaline!
Circa 2001 from the Rocket Pocket, Pederneira
Mine, São José da Safira, Minas Gerais, Brazil.
Measures 11.3 cm by 2.5 cm in total size.
Price $25,000


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MIN#Tourmaline-9 NEW!

Bi-colored Tourmaline crystal with Lepidolite!
Gemmy crystal exhibiting a strong luster and glassiness with a mint-green termination
leading into a
gorgeous rose-pink color! When placed under lighting, this crystal glows!
From Paprok, Kunar Province of Afghanistan.
Measures 7.6 cm in length by 1 cm in size.

Ex. Matthew Webb Collection
Price $2850


Denver2009-407KRUviteMagnesiteBrumadoBrazil.jpg (165457 bytes)
Photo by Joe Budd

MIN#Tourmaline-11 NEW!

Glassy crystals of reddish-brown Uvite Tourmaline sitting atop clear Magnestite!
One of the prettiest examples I've seen in a long time, these Uvite crystals are GEM and actually twinkle
when rolled from side to side under lighting. The colorless Magnesite really allow the color to pop through!
From Brumado, Bahia, Northeast Region, Brazil.
Measures 5 cm by 6 cm in size.
Ex. Revelle Mineral Collection
Price $1500


Denver2009-437SchorlQuartz.jpg (284397 bytes)
Photo by Joe Budd

MIN#Tourmaline-13 NEW!

EXCEPTIONAL!!! Museum quality plate of intensely lustrous Schorl crystal clusters on white Quartz!
These incredible Schorl specimens appeared about 7 years ago in Tucson and have all but disappeared
from the market. I purchased this large cabinet plate in 2006 because it was the largest of the entire lot
that I was fortunate enough to cherry-pick. It's now making its first website appearance and trust me,
the above photo (as good as it may be) does not do the specimen justice! The Schorl Tourmaline
clusters are incredibly vibrant and lustrous with a satiny sheen that just can't be captured in a photo.
These black crystal clusters are made even more impressive by the stark-white Quartz crystal
matrix that they sit on. This is the finest and largest specimen of this material that I've ever owned
or offered on the website. It would easily make a great centerpiece for the finest mineral collection.

From the Guadalupana Mine, Cerro de Chavito, Santa Cruz, Sonora, Mexico.

Measures 19 cm by 24.1 cm by 8 cm in size.
Ex. Revelle Mineral Collection
Price $4500


TUC2007-80schorlqtz.jpg (88038 bytes)

MIN#Tourmaline-15 NEW!

AWESOME combo featuring a large Schorl Tourmaline atop Smoky Quartz with Aquamarine!
I love the look of this specimen and the addition of the small Aquamarine is a great touch!
From the Erongo Mountains in Namibia, SW Africa.
Measures 10.4 cm by 8.3 cm in size.

Price $1750


TUC2007-90schorl.jpg (90982 bytes)

MIN#Tourmaline-16 NEW!

Exceptional! Perhaps the finest specimen of Schorl with Smoky Quartz
on Albite in the lot! All four Schorl crystals are doubly terminated and are
perfectly framed by the Smoky Quartz point as they lay atop the white Albite!
The surfaces are glossy and reflective and I can barely find a contact anywhere.
From the Erongo Mountains in Namibia, SW Africa.
Measures 14.5 cm by 10 cm in size.

Price $2450


TUC2007-78albiteschorl.jpg (47354 bytes)

MIN#Tourmaline-17 NEW!

Killer specimen of terminated Schorl Tourmaline with Albite!
Glossy, sharp surfaces with a perfect textbook termination!
From the Erongo Mountains in Namibia, SW Africa.
Measures 8.5 cm by 5.3 cm in size.

Price $950


TUC2004-973tourmaline.jpg (17574 bytes)

MIN#Tourmaline-18 NEW!

Green Tourmaline with pinkish interior!
Cute specimen featuring two distinct terminations!
From a locale near Coronel Murta, Aracuai, Minas Gerais, Brazil.
Measures 5.5 cm in length.

Price $545


TUC2007-223schorl.jpg (92271 bytes)

MIN#Tourmaline-21 NEW!

Velvety sprays of Schorl Tourmaline with Smoky Quartz on matrix!
These specimens appeared about five years ago in Tucson and quickly disappeared.
From the Guadalupana Mine, Santa Cruz, Sonora, Mexico.
Measures 8 cm by 8.3 cm in size.

Price $285

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