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To place an order from the Gallery, please do the following....

Use our Secure Online Order Form or send me an e-mail
at and request that I reserve your
chosen mineral(s) (MIN#). I will then hold the listed specimen(s)
for 5 business days or until your check or money order payable in
(U.S. dollars) arrives. visacard.gif (1302 bytes) and mastercard.gif (1262 bytes) are also accepted and can be
delivered safely through the secure online order form. After the
arrival of your payment, the order will be shipped immediately
for money orders and after clearance for checks (usually 5 days
for the initial purchase). However, if no response is received
within the 5 day hold period, the reserved specimen or specimens
will once again become available for purchase on both websites.

For larger or expensive purchases, be sure to ask about the
Mineral Gallery's Layaway Installment Purchase Plan. It's a great
way to reserve and purchase an exceptional specimen over time!

There are 3 options for paying by credit card

1) You can e-mail me to set up a time to call in your credit card info.

2) You can send your credit card info via the U.S.P.S.
Info must include card number, exp. date, your name on the
card, and bank name (specify whether Visa or Mastercard).

3) You can send me the credit card info via e-mail but if you choose
this option please do the following for your card protection:

Break the information into two separate e-mails. The first
should contain your credit card number and the second
should contain your expiration date, bank name, your name
as it appears on the card, and card type. Breaking this
information into two separate e-mails greatly reduces the
chance of it being lost or compromised and is much safer.

4) The best way! Use our completely secure and encrypted
Online Order Form to safely send your credit card info.

If you'd like, you can request I keep your card information on
file to save on delivery wait for all future mineral purchases.

New Policies as of 3/18/1999

When ordering please include all basic information like your
name and address as well as any alternate choices you might have
in the event your first choice is sold. The shipping and insurance
costs will be determined according to the weight and value of the
package as well as distance and nationality. I try my best to be
very accurate when estimating postage costs from my handbook
but there may be variances from time to time from actual postage.

All minerals come with a 10 day money back guarantee provided
they haven't been damaged and are in original condition. To return
a specimen you must contact me within
three days of when you
receive it and I will arrange for a full refund less any charge card
fees. The card companies charge 3% and this may not be refunded.

Sorry, no specimen returns after the 10 day grace period and all
Auction mineral sales are final. There is no return for Auction items.

The mailing address is...

The Mineral Gallery
PO Box 91448
Mobile, Alabama  36691
U.S.A. (If needed)

For correspondence or any questions feel free to email or write
to Kevin Ward at the above address. All offers are welcome!

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